Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Important Note!

Friends, I am busy updating from sets we've made, so be sure to scroll down so you won't miss any! I am trying to keep them in order. Thanks! Updating is like a cattlefield!

~The Pink Cloud

Friday, April 3, 2009

Two Great Looks

Hello again my fashionable friends! Since I have been on break, I am giving you TWO posts of fashion goodness tonight! You should feel special with all this attention. Today I am featuring two sets by one of my fashion friends! You know her as Micayla Fairyland but has changed her name. Do not be fooled because it's the same great stylish! As a treat for everyone, I am featuring two of her awesome and grabulous sets!

First set features a cute scene look that would be great for not only me, but friends like Hannah and Mimi. I definitely recommend this to Hannah for a romansive night out with Mayhem. Girl, he will think you look hott in this. Pink is Hannah's color and the zebra print means you are wild at heart and not boring. You can't wear zebra print and hot colors if you are scared! But this look is great. You can be comfortable and still look stylish. And this look is all about having fun! You can wear it for a day of great shopping or a night hitting the dance floor and having some drinks. I don't know about you, but I think it's time to buy some clothes.

Who Knew?</3
Who Knew? by →Mickey_MiseryBusiness♥ featuring Tarina Tarantino necklaces

The second set is all about the punkette look. A punkette look is all about looking grabulous and tough all at the same time. This set gets it right! The girls will all ask where you get your grabulous accessories and the boys will all thing you are hott. The girls might too! They will want to steal your look. This look is great because it means business but shows you can have fun too! And that you listen to great music. It helps to make you brave too so you can go out in the fashion jungle and carve a tree out as your own personal mark of style.

<V^DONT STOP!^V> (Stripes)
(Stripes) by →Mickey_MiseryBusiness♥ featuring Converse sneakers

I hope you get out there and enjoy these looks and stay tuned for the next look!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shell Shocked!

Hello everyone! I am happy to introduce a new theme I have come up with for all my fellow fashionistas! I am influenced by my friends like Susan and Mimi, and they are Bohemian and Hippies. I learned a lot about nature from them and decided that it was time to show that influence. It is like a continuation of Flamingo Road but with sea creatures. These are very important to different cultures.

The first set came easy to me. This set is for a friend of mine, Ninjaru, who has finally joined us here! Welcome to the club! I made this sometime back but we were really busy with projects and my vacation with my romansive husband Frank! He makes me swoon. But this set is for her as I was inspired by my vacation to the ocean (for romansive shark dive dates!) and my favorite move The Little Mermaid! I chose the crab for her sea creature because that red shirt catches eyes and Sebastian was Ariel's friend. So, my friends, I am excited to show you her set:

Shell Shocked!
Shell Shocked! by the pink cloud featuring Big Star jeans

Crabs are tough. They don't joke around in the ocean. Finding shells in the fashion ocean is serious business! You don't attract other crabs and fish with boring shells! You have to go out there and grab the fashion clam from the sand. Or if you are lucky, you will find the oyster with the flashiest and trendiest pearl around. Don't miss out on it!

But Ninjaru won't because the crab is her fashion icon for this set! She is a little Dita, a little Kelly Osbourne, and a whole lot of herself! She reminded me a lot of Sebastian too, and he went out there to get stuff done! The red outfit is definitely for the braver crabs. It means you will swim with the big fish and maybe sharks! The look on the left is for going to cafes and drinking seaweed smoothies. They are both Dita-inspired so you have to remember that you look good!

Here are some helpful tips when using the crab as your icon:
  1. Remeber to use the natural colors of crabs
  2. Accessorize with all the crab motifs you can find!
  3. Atmosphere is everything: you have to be brave like crabs and grab your oyster of fashion
  4. Use the right footwear!
Now for all you who feel that crabs speak to you, go out there and follow their lead!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Concert Night: NKOTB

Friends, I am catching up and posting so be prepared to see a lot of fashion!

Tonight I am excited to bring you the outfit for a friend's NKOTB concert. Exciting! NKOTB is a great group. J has fabulous taste in music and is nice to share with us. But she was not sure what to wear for her concert so I whipped up this set just for her!

When going to an NKOTB concert, you have to have serious style. You need to show off what you got! NKOTB concerts are all about looking good. Also, you have to know a person's style to capture a great look! My friend has various styles, but she always looks grabulous. She likes tight pants and hoodies, so I started with these and went from there! You can see how great it turned out:

Concert Night: NKOTB!!!
Concert Night: NKOTB!!! by the pink cloud featuring Tripp NYC jeans

When going to concerts, it is important to wear a band shirt if possible! This one can be worn many places and still look great. My friend has an original she got from a cousin! I am jealous! But the shirt looks grabulous with tight burgundy pants and hott shoes that capture people's attention. Boring is not a good look when hitting the concerts! Add in a few hott accessories, like punkette cuffs, diva sunglasses, and a bag that you won't mistake for someone else's! And it might be cold, so don't forget your trendy hoodie that will keep you warm AND looking stylish.

Remember, it's all about the music so dress like it! Get out there into the hunt of the concert scene and make your fashion mark. And remember, you can look stylish doing it too!

~The Pink Cloud on the Block

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

That's right! We do want to have fun: fun with fashions! And what better way is there to have fun with fashions than a contest! Contests are like the fashion jungle. They are cattlefields where you have to run an obstacle course and jump through hoops and over hedges with ponds. You might get wet, but it doesn't matter if you look good and make it to the end!

This contest was about songs and fashion, and what better inspiration is there than the 80s? Now, I am way too young to have lived through them, but friends, let me tell you that they really speak to me. The 80s are all about having fun and crazy fashion to match! So I chose the song "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", which is all about hitting the town, shopping, and grabbing the coconut of fashion all before hitting the dance floor and cutting rugs later that night. The outfit I made is all about having fun:

Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Girls Just Want To Have Fun by the pink cloud featuring Forever21 earrings

Now, when you make fashion based on a song, you have to let the song speak to you. This look is all about standing out like flowers on bushes. You want to attract birds! And pink dresses with ruffles are all about getting attention. Fashion friend, people won't take their eyes off you when you wear that! But you have to have great shoes and accessories too or else it will be boring. Flashy shoes and accessories are important when going for a fun 80s look, so go all out!

Remember, this look isn't for people who are scared, so be brave and get this look for yourself!

~Marissa Just Wants To Have Fun

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Way: The Little Black Dress

Hello friends! It has been a while since I have given you a coconut of fashionable fun, but with two fashion shows for community service for our friend Mayhem’s group, I have had my hands full! But do not be sad because I am back and ready to make more fashion gems than ever!

Today I am going to give you a lesson on how to work with basics! Here is a set I created for a Little Black Dress contest. Little Black Dresses are important staples in your fashion toolkit! But they can be pretty boring, so you have to go for a look and use lots of accessories.

My Way: Little Black Dress
My Way: Little Black Dress - by the pink cloud on Polyvore.com

See, I am a punkette at heart and a dub girl, so I have to look fabulous even in black. So if I want to be the grabulous trendsetter I am and win the crown of the fashion jungle, I have to use lots of bright colors in my jewelry, wear crazy shoes, and even pair a shirt under my dress! Why? Because fashionable friends, let’s face it: if you want to stand out like a leopard on a plain, you have to be unique!

Here are some things to remember when working with basics:

1. Sometimes basics are boring, so have fun and accessorize!

2. If it is black, load up on colors unless you are going for a Goth/Emo style

3. Jewelry is grabulous, especially if they are big pieces

4. Experiment with accessories, like belts and bags!

5. Do anything you want as long as it is interesting, even like adding pins

So there you have it, friends! Next time you need something basic, do not be afraid! Go out there and grab that plain leaf and rock! You never know what you can do with it!

~The Little Pink Cloud

Friday, February 6, 2009

Grabulous And Totally Me!

Wow! I am excited to say that a new friend of mine on our fashion site has made an outfit for me. I gave her my favorite colors, site, and music and she made a set. Friends, it turned out grabulous and glam! A real punkette will definitely want this for herself! I am influenced by Katy Perry. She is hot and grabulous like me. So if you want to be hott like Katy Perry, just read on and get an outfit for yourself.

Thinking Of You...
Thinking Of You... - by MicaylaFairyLand♫♪ on Polyvore.com

This set is made by my new friend Micayla. I knew we would be great pals because I always found her sets. Great fashion minds think alike! She is grabulous and has a passion for fashion and real taste. Next time you visit Polyvore to create your fashion identity, stop by her profile and check her out. You won't be disappointed!

This set is great. It has lots of color and people can't take their eyes off you. They will follow your fashion and you too. When you are living in a fashion jungle, you have to wear bold clothes or get lost in the trees of tastelessness, and friends, if there is one thing you don't want to be, it's tasteless! You have to get out there and pick the coconuts and pearls for yourself. Or find someone like my new friend to do it for you! Sometimes it is hard to make choices from all the flowers and bushes, so you have to have someone with a real eye to do it for you. This set shows you mean business and that you won't let a monkey steal your coconut of fashion. And if you need help feeling bold, that top and jewelry will help you find your inner flamingo and really shake some feathers at bad fashion.

So what are you waiting for? Get over to the fashion oasis at Polyvore and Micayla and Mimi's (and mine!) profiles and get yourself a look today!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Flamingo Road

Alright, fashion crew! Tonight you are getting two looks because it has been too long since Dub Goth style. But you should be lucky I love you and am sharing a new theme with you: animals! I was inspired one day while taking a break from our project. We were sitting on the roof and listening to CJ and Susan play guitars and sing while Ryan made a flower tiara for everyone and I thought that nature and animals would be a great theme. You don't have to be scared though because this is easy to do!

Now everyone knows that I am a punkette who likes to be myself, and I have to have an animal that is the same. I am lucky though because the choice is my favorite already: flamingos! They are pink, have long legs, and are graceful, just like me! They are style in the savannas of boring fashion! And they are pink so you can't go wrong with that.

To do this look right, you have to ask what your animal would do. Flamingos would be punk, do their own thing, and look attractive on the street. Sometimes it's like diving for pearls and are afraid to get pinched by clams, but it's easy! Once you figure that out, you find clothes to match that style. To help you on your fashion way, here is my own look, Flamingo Road:

Flamingo Road
Flamingo Road - by the pink cloud on Polyvore.com

Notice there is a lot of pink and punk! Flamingos look hott while out shopping and bringing peace to the world and while lounging on the beach, their next favorite thing to do! But flamingos also look great and stylish when relaxing with stylish technology. Don't forget people might always see you. But if you remember that, then this will be easy.

So get out there and find your animal and make it happen!

~The Pink Flamingo (aka: Marissa)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get That Look: Bohemian Goth

Hello followers of fashionable trends! This post is all about getting that look you've always wanted without too much work. Today we are continuing the goth theme started last time. This look is inspired by my best friend Mimi, who has great Bohemian style and taste, and is dedicated to her!

Mimi is a real Bohemian with her own style and she is inspired by the romansive movie Rent. Rent is all about being Bohemian and making music and doing your own thing, which is great when it comes to fashion. The Bohemian look is easy to get too and turn it into your own style, which is why it is so great! Bohemian goth is just a dark and mysterious version of it and easy make. Stick around to find out how to get it for yourself.

So You Want To Be A Beohemia Goth
So You Want To Be A Beohemia Goth - by the pink cloud on Polyvore.com

You can see from the picture that anything goes as long as it is dark and natural! Friends, it doesn't make sense when you are trying to be mysterious but wear bright clothes. You have to be like the jungle during the night and not the urban jungle. That is for another theme!

When you want to be a Bohemian Goth, keep these things in mind:
1. Animal prints are glamorous
2. Try natural fabrics when possible
3. Beads and more beads
4. Cultural-inspired pieces
5. Ethnic prints as long as they are dark

Just follow these rules and you will be a Bohemian Goth in no time. And don't forget to accessorize! Once you get this, you will feel like dancing all the way down Avenue B!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Out Tonight

RENT ~ Feline of Avenue B
RENT ~ Feline of Avenue B - by Musical Mimi on Polyvore.com

This is my first look on Polyvore and I am loving it! It is different from my usual styles. I consider this more of a going out look. It would be great for a date with my boyfriend Travis! ^_^ I took some inspiration from RENT with the leopard print (my favorite ^^) coat and layering which I am a fan of. A lot of jewelry is featured as accessorizing is always a must in my eyes. It pulls a look together to make it original! Natural makeup in brown and gold shades will complete this look.

I hope you enjoy it!